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Your evening could suddenly become a nightmare when you are stopped by police and suspected of DUI. You may feel slightly under the influence but you have driven safely home before, except this time you are asked to perform certain tests and then take a breathalyzer that shows your blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) to be 0.08%. Now is the time to call an Indian Wells DUI attorney toll free at (888) 754-9860. You only have 10 days to request a hearing before the DMV regarding your driving privileges.

A DUI conviction can affect your life in so many ways. You will lose your license for an extended time, spend time in jail, pay a fine and thousands in associated costs and attend a DUI class for many months. Some people lose their jobs. To see what your legal options are and what defenses are available to you, don’t hesitate to call an Indian Wells DUI attorney.

Why Hire an Indian Wells DUI Attorney?

You have choices in whom to hire to represent you but you need a dedicated professional who can carefully assess your case and present the best possible defenses. An Indian Wells DUI attorney can offer you:

  1. Full representation at your DMV hearing

  2. Investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case

  3. Knowledge of police procedures and conduct in DUI cases

  4. Up-to-date information on DUI laws and defenses

  5. In-depth knowledge of the breathalyzer and blood test process

  6. A skilled negotiator

  7. A seasoned and experienced trial attorney

With an Indian Wells DUI attorney at your side, you can expect a state-of-the art defense.

The DUI Process

You have a civil and a criminal proceeding in a DUI case. An Indian Wells DUI attorney will represent you at both.

The stages of a DUI are:

  • DMV hearing. Your Indian Wells DUI attorney can challenge probable cause in stopping and arresting you and whether your BAC results were 0.08%.

  • Arraignment. This can be held within 2 weeks of your arrest. Your Indian Wells DUI attorney will usually plead you not guilty and proceed to investigate and prepare your defense.

  • Pretrial. At this time, your Indian Wells DUI lawyer can present motions to contest probable cause, suppress evidence or request the police officer’s own personnel files. A conference is held where your Indian Wells DUI lawyer will see if satisfactory plea bargain can be arranged.

  • Trial. If no settlement, your Indian Wells DUI lawyer is fully prepared to try your case.

Penalties for DUI

DUI sentences vary depending on whether you have prior DUI convictions or if there were aggravating circumstances such as having caused an injury or fatal accident, you were on probation or you had a minor as a passenger among others that an Indian Wells DUI lawyer can explain.

Otherwise, these penalties typically are imposed:

First DUI or DWI

The usual penalties for a first DUI or DWI are:

  1. Jail. 48 hours in jail and up to 6-months; 3-years of probation
  2. Suspension of license. Loss of driving privileges for 4 to 10-months though you may be eligible for a restricted license; if BAC testing was refused, the suspension is one year
  3. Fines: $390 with costs over $1,800
  4. DUI classes: 3-months
  5. Insurance and installation: Secure SR-1 insurance and possibly install an interlock ignition system

Second DUI or DWI

Penalties for a second DUI or DWI within 10 years of the first include:

  1. Jail. 96 hours and up to one year in county jail and 3-5 years probation
  2. Suspension of license. 2 year suspension with eligibility for restricted license unless testing was refused.
  3. Fines: $390 to $1000 but over $10,000 in costs
  4. DUI Classe 18 to 30-months
  5. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and Interlock ignition system

Third DUI or DWI

Conviction of a third DUI or DWI in 10 years may include:

  1. Jail. 120 days to one year in county jail and 3-5 years probation
  2. Suspension of license. 3 years with restricted license after 12-months
  3. Fines: $390 to $1000 and other costs up to $15,000
  4. DUI classes. 30-months
  5. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and interlock system

Fourth DUI or DWI

A fourth DWI or DWI could be negotiated to a misdemeanor.by your Gardena DUI lawyer. If a felony, you face:

  1. Jail. 16 months, 2 or 3 years in jail and formal probation for up to 5 years
  2. Suspension of license: 4 years
  3. Fines: Up to $5000 with associated costs of up to $18,000
  4. Habitual traffic offender status. 3 years
  5. Mandatory DUI classes. 30-months
  6. Installation and insurance. SR-1 insurance and interlock system

Commercial DUI or DWI

Commercial drivers can be convicted of a commercial DUI or DWI if their BAC is 0.04% so that their need for a Gardena DUI lawyer is imperative.

Penalties include:

  1. Jail. Same as for a motorist with a Class C license for first or multiple DUI or DWI offenses
  2. Driver’s license suspension.
  • Loss of commercial driver’s license for one year, regardless of the vehicle you were driving
  • Life-time suspension for a second conviction
  • Your Class C license is also affected
  1. Fines. From $390 to $1000
  2. DUI Classes. Same as for other offenders
  3. Insurance and installation. Possible securing of SR-1 insurance and installation of an interlock system

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